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"The curves and lines of life are a source of inspiration."

These projects stem for my fascination with micro-organisms unveiled by electron-microscopy : multitude of structures, shapes, surfaces, a wealth of colors...


Singular cycle and at the same time universal, futur in becoming in a dynamism of rejoicing and celebration of the living.

My work has been inspired by Ernst Haeckel’s classification of micro- organisms, by Rob Kessler’s photographies who worked closely with scientists in botany and palynology, imagery of deep sea fauna.

The research for glazes is an integrative part of my ceramic practice.

It is a willingness to reproduce living by other process than those of the nature, exploring an area where inert and organic are mixed.

The creations are made of Westerwald stoneware - in keeping with the pottery tradition of the region - fired at a high temperature of 1250°C.

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